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What to do when your sick? Sickblogging (and a little bit about Adm. Dennis Blair)

Open Evolution Highlights - the Population Genetics of dN/dS

Obama indicates his clear support for science with Chu as Secretary of Energy

Creative Commons- New Video and Fundraising Campaign

Outdoor Art at Robbins Hall

New Dope on "Cognitive Enhancement"

Aphid-bacterial symbiosis in more detail, and in the New York Times

Tree of Life Gift Recommendation - Climate Kits

Congrats to Pamela Ronald et al. for Award for Flood Resistant Rice

"Free" large scale sequencing for Department of Energy related projects ...

UC Davis giving further props to blogs (mine that is)

What scientists should be thankful for ...

Tackling a Hairy Beast II

Attack of the Robo Lizards from Davis

Open Metagenomics Highlight - Metagenome Annotation using massively parallel undergrads.

Open Microbial Diversity: PLoS papers on using 454-Roche pyrosequencing for rRNA studies

Open Genomics: Genome Evolution Simulator

Genomicron on Science by press release.

I see PLoS in everything IV: PLoS at Metagenomics 2008 meeting

Woodland Native Dustin Pedroia Wins AL MVP Award

Visit to the Raptor Center and Putah Creek

Microbiology in the news: How bleach kills germs

ERIC, E. coli, and you

Suggestions for Obama's CTO

Plug of the week - Extreme 2008: A Deep-Sea Adventure: University of Delaware

This press release deserves some sort of award ...

Underselling Genomics Award #1: David Whitworth for "Genomes and Knowledge: A questionable relationship"

Outdoor art at the Farmer's Market

DNA Dynasty "Company" - Stealing and Lying

Metagenomics 2008 Meeting Notes

Metagenomics Meeting --- Competing with the Election

More about How I feel - from my iPhone

How I feel - drawn on my iPhone

Charles Darwin Reiterates Endorsement of Obama

Conflict between religion and evolution? Not according to the Papal Conference on Evolution ...

Genome Technology Runs the Table on Open Access ...

Nature Endorses Obama for President

PLoS Biology at 5: The Future Is Open Access

Tomorrow's Table on Today's Table x 2

Links on Outdoor Art in Davis from DavisLife Magazine

Palin announces opposition to research on Homo sapiens

Proposition 8 - My Vote

Evidence Based Healthcare and Baseball

McCain Palin going after fruit flies

Brain Doping April 1 Joke still getting some press

Roan Press Web Site Live

Blocked Access Bummer #1

Larry Moran on Phylogenomics, my new paper, and species

At Davis Today - Chris Somerville on Cellulosic Biofuels

Happy Open Access Day: Back to Genome Biology for Me

Open Access Day: Video of a Talk I Gave About OA

Open Access Day: Thanks to OA Journals Staff