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Scary and funny: fake researcher Peter Uhnemann on OMICS group Editorial Board #JournalSPAM

Boycotting Elsevier is not enough - time to make them invisible (UPDATED/RETRACTED)

How are these @kejames re: #PLoSOne cc: @boraz @edyong209 @danielaphd

How are these @kejames re: #PLoSOne cc: @boraz @edyong209 @danielaphd

Having lots of fun with my @Olloclip macro lens for my iPhone

Having lots of fun with my @Olloclip macro lens for my iPhone

First "Guardians of microbial diversity" award to Rob Dunn #microbiology #GMDs

Dear #AAAS, I am NOT embargoing my own talk & I plan to record it and post afterwards #embargowatch

One old, one new - a few phylogeny papers worth checking out

A science birthday party for a five year old

Experimenting with Blogger's "Dynamic Views" format and a way to use with without changing my front page

Notes on #UCDavis Citizen Microbiology Meeting #UCDCitSci

A conference where the speakers are all women?

Crossposting from microBEnet: architecture and microbes

Letter from Justice Cruz Reynoso to President Yudof regarding pepper spray investigation at #UCDavis

Support good science writing - pay for it

Real science vs. fake science in advertising

UCDavis IT and GMail think this "Open Journal of Genetics" journal announcement is SPAM, I do too #EndScienceSpam

Scientists have .... (impressions from #scio12)

Microbial & Evolution art by @artologica has whole new meaning now that I met her at @scio12

Microbial & Evolution art by @artologica has whole new meaning now that I met her at @scio12

The Books of Science Online 2012 #scio12 #bookporn #sciencerocks cc: @avflox

Draft post cleanup #22: Fun emails for another Jonathan Eisen

Draft post cleanup #21: Tracking progress on the vertebrate tree of life

Nice walk to #scio12 - now on o the virtual world

Is stupidity important in scientific research?

Draft post cleanup #20: Retaking the biology GRE

YASSP (Yet another SPAMMY science publisher)

UC going smoke free sometime soon apparently

Draft post cleanup #19: Spam and biased spam at that

Draft post cleanup #18: Epernicus

Draft post cleanup #17: Obama overqualified for application to be president

Draft post cleanup #16: Science and Title IX

Yet another SPAMMY Science publisher: Scientific and Academic Publishing

Draft post cleanup #15: Now this is how to write a scientific paper

Request for input - are there any rules regarding posting text of one's own NSF (or other) grant proposals?

Storification of Tweets from talk by Jane Lubchenco at #UCDavis

Letter from Chancellor Katehi to #UCDavis Community

Google scholar missing paper issue clarified, though not corrected, but glad Google responded

Draft post cleanup #14: Video of Talk of mine from 2005

OK - testing "threaded commenting" on my blog

Diplomacy fails? Military options off the table? Let's assassinate the scientists

Wrap up of tweets from Joe Derisi talk

Another seminar at #UCDavis 1/11 - Evan Eichler - #TooManyChoices

Two seminars from Jane Lubchenco at #UCDavis - fun, fun and fun

Draft post cleanup #13: Twisted tree of life award: MSNBC, Aliens and Photosynthesis

To be discussed in journal club here today: eukaryotic metatranscriptomics

Draft post cleanup #12: RecA is cool (and interesting)

AAAS meeting - is this one for embargo watch?

How to stop press release spam? Post embargoed PRs. Here's one about Mayans using tobacco.

Cracking the microbial code: Pam Ronald @pcronald and her story behind recent papers

Today at UC Davis - Joe Derisi "A Seminar in Two Acts: Honey bees and Malaria"