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Get your favorite microbial genome sequenced, for free, by DOE-JGI

Profile of Michael Turelli in the Sacramento Bee

Rosacea - What Causes It? News story overplays suggested connection to skin mites

Almost like getting an email from Santa Claus

NCBI. Why? Why? Why is the default database for blasting "human G+T"

Winner of the "genome conference speakers should be male" award ...

Bad words: Nebraska declares many words and names to be off limits when spelled/written

Germs germs germs. They are everywhere. Get rid of them w/ hexochlorophene.

Velasquez-Manoff opinion piece in the NY Times on autism, parasites & inflammation; nice ideas; not enough caveats

Spammy journal of the day: Journal of Proteomics and Genomics ...

Notes from some recent meetings about microbiology of the built environment

"Genomics: the Power and the Promise" meeting - could be called "Men Studying Genomics" instead

Got poo?: Clinical trial on fecal transplants (aka fecal bacteriotherapy) to treat C. difficile infections

Referring to 16S surveys as "metagenomics" is misleading and annoying #badomics #OmicMimicry

How to find an Open Access journal for submitting your paper(s) #Jane #DOAJ

Wow - who would have thought? Microbes are central to election in Wyoming

The microbiome in the news: risk of overselling but not always bad coverage

#Badomics word of the day & Worst New Omics Word Award: CircadiOmics

The Ballad of #UCDavis from Aaron Heuckroth

More playing around with Total Impact

Some articles on the uses and misuses of the "impact factor"

Bill and Melinda Gates want to give you $250,000 #Vaccines

MMMMM: Microbes, Metagenomics, Minnesota, Mississippi, & Morrison

Amazing video from Louie Schwartzberg / Moving Art "The Beauty of Pollination" #scifoo

The recursive tree of life - how a Twitter -> Blogger loop was created and broken

Interested in MiSeq Illumina sequencing of low diversity libs - read this

History of the Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomes meetings

Wow - Google Scholar "Updates" a big step forward in sifting through the scientific literature

Silly microbiologist, genomes are for mutualists

Curiosity on Mars

Trying to track down source of cartoon about coining "ome" words #badomics

Scifoo Notes via Storify

#PLoSOne paper on the "horse #microbiome" and colitis; wonder if they will study 'poo tea'

A centralized journal commenting system? Who would comment there? Volunteers?

What #Scifoo did to me in 2006, 2007