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Convoluted title, cool paper in #PLoSGenetics on relative of insect mutualists causing a human infection

Playing with Impact Story to look at Alt Metrics for my papers, data, etc

Returning to Walt Whitman High School, home of supposed overachievers

A badomics word for good purposes: new paper on the "ridiculome"

A scientific study of gender bias in scientific conferences: new #PLoS One paper from #UCDavis

A call, on Thanksgiving, for unrestricted References and Acknowledgements sections for papers

American Gut Project: Food, crowd sourcing, citizen science, open science, and MICROBES - what could be better?

Thank you Google Scholar Updates for finding me two new papers to read

The evil germy pacifier story is getting out of hand - w/ Dr. Glass misleading the charge

My new microbe art corner w/ three works by @artologica

Must read microbiome paper of the month: defined microbioata treatment of Cdiff infections

Microbes, art and a bit of satire all in one place - Design Interactions at the RCA

Fermentation microbiomes part 2 from #UCDavis: American coolship ale microbiome

How did I miss this? The botrytized wine microbiome ... from #UCDavis colleague David Mills

Overselling the microbiome award of the month: Integrative medical group of Irvine

Teaching kept me from SF Giants playoff games; StubHub glitches are keeping me from my money ..

Important & neglected aspect of lab studies of animals : effect of habitat change on microbiome

Guest post on "CHANCE" ChIP-seq QC and validation software

Germophobia 101: there are microbes on pacifiers; therefore pacifiers cause atherosclerosis & diabetes

Thank you interwebs: help proving fungi are cool

Quick post: nice microbial genomes database: MGBD (hat tip to Google Scholar Updates)

Story behind the Paper: Functional biogeography of ocean microbes

A soothing microbiome music video of sorts