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Quick post: Viruses - don't forget about the viruses

Paper of possible interest: Exploring interactions of plant microbiomes

Do preprints count for anything? Not according to Elife & G3 & some authors ..

Buzzfeed includes microbiomes in "77 facts" but alas, gets the facts (and the math) wrong

Crosspost - papers for sale

Great idea from Nicole King - Lists of Women Speakers - more examples wanted

New lab paper: The microbes we eat: abundance and taxonomy of microbes consumed in a day’s worth of meals for three diet types

Some history of hype regarding the human genome project and genomics

Some notes on "Citations for Sale" about King Abdulaziz University offerring me $$ to become an adjunct faculty

A night with Matt Groening and the importance of faeces, feces and faces

Whole issues of Genome Biology/Genome Medicine on "Genomics of Infectious Disease"

Strangest microbial headline of month: Bacteria on Russian ‘sex satellite’ survive reentry

Moore Foundation: Request for Expressions of Interest: Increasing the Potential of Marine Microeukaryotes as Experimental Model Systems through the Development of Genetic Tools

Post-doc w/ me, Jessica Green, Jay Stachowicz, and Jenna Lang on seagrass microbiomes

Repeated, extremely biased ratio of M:F at meetings from SFB 680 "Evolutionary Innovations" group #YAMMM

Really cool: 3D printed microbes for the visually impaired

Job Announcement: Moore Foundation Program Associate

Crosspost from #microBEnet: More scary than Halloween: this month in germophobia microbophobia

The flawed and offensive logic of "Academic Science Isn’t Sexist" in the @nytimes

Rediscovering some critical terms of use in microbial discussions: #microbiomania and #microbophobia

CEO of Soylent goes even further off the deep end - going after his microbiome

Some suggestions for having diverse speakers at meetings

Apparently, the National Academy of Sciences thinks only one sex is qualified to talk about alternatives to sex #YAMMM

Microbiology Book for Kids: It's Catching by Jennifer Gardy and Josh Holinaty

Microbe-themed art of the month: Seung-Hwan Oh portraits w/ mold

Kids' Microbiology Book Review: Germ Stories

Harvard, hope and hype: the sad reason behind overselling diabetes stem cell work - raising money