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A gloomy day at the #UCDavis Genome Center Halloween Symposium - a model for a #manel #yammm

Thanks to all for "Suggestions for 11 year old daughter who wants to learn to code"

No - #FFS - no - I will not speak at your meeting given the lack of diversity of speakers

Matt Hahn @3rdreviewer talk at #UCDavis - pen and paper notes

The White Men's Microbiome Congress #YAMMM #Manel #Boycott

Yet another biased meeting from Oxford Global - their meetings should be shunned #YAMMM #GenderBias

Wrap up from Gender Bias Under the Microscope Symposium #RFUSymposium #GenderBias

Storify of talk by @CameronNeylon at #UCDavis on "Excellence is Bullshit"

No thanks Precision Medicine #PMWC2017 - I don't want to go to your $&*@(#@( #manel #yammm #biased meeting

UC Davis Coffee Course covered by NPR

A mini rant about diversity at meetings #STEMDiversity #YAMMM #manel

Congratulations SynbioBeta #SBBSF16 - you are having a #YAMMMy #manel

Viruses viruses viruses viruses viruses viruses viruses.

Today's misleading overselling the #microbiome - U. Chicago on Alzheimer's and gut microbes

Overselling the Microbiome Award for @nytimes on thumb sucking, nail biting protecting from allergy

Today in Overselling the #microbiome: Lick-hiker's guide to Inner Strength

A path towards the extinction of "Impact Factor"

Worth a read: A simple proposal for the publication of journal citation distributions

Agilent - where men are thought leaders

Blast from the past - Stephen Jay Gould on the "Planet of the Bacteria"

Pleasantly surprised by the National Microbiome Initiative

True Must See TV: John Oliver on Science, Hype, and Science Reporting

And now for some good news from UC Davis - teaching and research awards

On my evolving thoughts on the #UCDavis saga involving Chancellor Linda Katehi